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Cloud Computing News – 15th March 2012

The latest in cloud computing news brought to you by cloud30 – We scour the web looking for up to minute news relating to the wonderful world of Cloud computing.

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Cloud computing News – 12th March 2012

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Cloud30 – The Details

What is Cloud 30? 
Devised specifically for SMEs on a budget, Cloud30 is a suite of standard IT products and services integrated for small to medium sized businesses using cloud computing technology. Here are the details;
Secure & spam free email for you & your staff on your PC, your laptop & your mobile.
Your email is accessible from the office, home or even abroad. Cloud30 email includes a local cache so you don’t need to be “online” to use your email. Email mailboxes can be shared if required. Cloud30 uses MS Outlook as the principle email app.
Also in Outlook we have shared calendars/diaries for you & your staff with the sharing permissions you want. For example, you might want colleagues to be able to see your diary but not change anything in it. Just like the email Cloud30 includes a local cache so you don’t need to be “online” to use your diary/calendar.
Again using Outlook you can store all your client/customer details. Typically for each
of your staff we set-up a shared company set of contacts (your customers/suppliers)
& individually a personal/private contacts Outlook folder so that you can keep business and personal separate.
Task Lists
Outlook task lists & reminders can be used individually and/or within a team so that
you can easily set tasks for staff & monitor progress as staff update their task
Public Folders 
In addition to the standard shared Outlook folders (above) Cloud30 also uses public folders. Just like other Outlook folders, public folders can be “cached” locally so that
you don’t need to be online to use them. Examples of public folders are staff holidays and meeting rooms (calendar), general to-do lists (tasks) or notifications (email).
Cloud30 stores all your files & folders securely online. Files like your spreadsheets,
reports, PDFs, drawings & such like. In a similar way to Cloud30 email, all your
files/folders are also synchronised to your PC’s & laptops so that you & your
colleagues can all use them at the same time. All this technology is professionally
managed via our Cloud30 sync service & support helpdesk. Futher more, Cloud30
includes comprehensive backup of all your business files, folders, projects, etc.
All Cloud30 mailboxes, files & folders are constantly being backed up. So in the
event that you accidentally loose/delete something – our technical support helpdesk
will be able to restore the data & get it back on your PC for you.
Data Archiving 
In addition to backing up your data, Cloud30 can archive as well. So for example,
with files & folders, when you complete a project Cloud30 can archive off as
“read only” all the project information. Similarly Cloud30 can even archive up to
10 years worth of emails if you wish. Email archiving uses industry compliant record
keeping, adhering to standards like Sarbanes Oxley & FSA rules.
Cloud30 is a business product/service & professionally managed from our helpdesk
in Preston, Lancashire. All Cloud30 customers are fully supported with remote
control/management as well as telephone & email support.
Additional Apps
Cloud30 has a whole host of additional business apps like Evernote and Skype.
More Info
If you have any specific queries about Cloud30 please feel free to get in-touch by
dropping us an email or giving us a call. 01772 251555

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Cloud Computing News – 13th February 2012

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Cloud News: February 10th 2012

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Why so many SMEs are reluctant

The Cloud: Why so many SME’s are Reluctant

Cloud computing for SME’s is easy to criticise as not providing a comprehensive business solution. The cloud computing market-place is crowded to busting point with all sorts of individually useful applications. But from the small business perspective, individual applications aren’t practical – information must flow efficiently between staff & trying to get different cloud applications to work together to form a coherent IT strategy is a nightmare! In-fact a non starter!

Until now. Designed by a small business for a small business, Cloud30 is a hybrid solution designed specifically for the SME.

So many cloud solutions fail to address three SME fundamentals;

  • What does the SME do when their broadband goes down?
  • The SME business owner wants the information on his/her laptop.
  • An SME management team don’t want to be burdened with an inflexible IT system that cannot adapt as the business grows & changes.
  • Migration headache – most SME’s will not entertain the idea of a lengthy/difficult transition from conventional IT to cloud based computing.
  • It has to be inexpensive.
  • Typically the SME doesn’t like or need ticketing/formal helpdesks – they want real person telephone support.

There is only one SME cloud solution that addresses each of these issues; Cloud30.

With Cloud30;

Most SME’s connect to the internet with broadband. Living in the real world we know that you cannot totally 100% rely on your broadband connection. At some point, most SME’s find themselves without a broadband connection for a few hours. Most Cloud based solutions rely on a permanent internet connection. So no broadband means no cloud which in-turn means no IT & staff that cannot do their job! This is one of the key deciding factors. Business owners/managers do not want to risk a complete loss of IT services because of a broadband outage. This is not the case with Cloud30. Cloud30 uses what’s called the cache to store information on your PC. All of which can be shared with your colleagues when you use Cloud30.The cache keeps your PC up-to-date, so it doesn’t matter if your broadband goes down for a few hours – you’ll be working offline & when your broadband comes back on again – everything will sync up.

Most SME’s use Microsoft Office. Cloud30 uses Microsoft Office. Invariably transition for staff from the old ways of working to the new is as close to painless as you could expect to get it.

When compared to alternative cloud computing solutions Cloud30 is inexpensive. Whilst considering the costs, don’t just look at the headline fees – bear in-mind hidden costs like migration, set-up, support, add-ons, etc. Moreover, take into account the on-going cost of an alternative system that maybe doesn’t quite do what you want it to do. If you are a small business – Cloud30 has been devised for you.

The principle methods for Cloud30 customers to contact support is via the telephone helpdesk. Real people, real support on a real helpdesk ready to take your technical support calls & resolve any Cloud30 issues.